CTB Turner holds the record of Most Consecutive Five Wickets In an Innings. 6 straight times
CTB Turner holds the record of Most Consecutive Five Wickets In an Innings. 6 straight times

The earliest known incident of consecutive ‘five-wicket haul’ in Test innings was claimed by Charles Thomas Biass Turner also known as Charlie Turner of Australia. His record of Most Consecutive 5 Wickets is still an unbeaten record when he took 5 wickets in 6 Consecutive Innings.

In his career of 17 Test matches, he has claimed 5-wicket hauls on 11 occasions. He picked 6 consecutive 5-wicket hauls in the matches against England in February 1888, July 1888 and August 1888.

About CTB Turner (from Wikipedia Page)

Charles Thomas Biass Turner was a bowler who is regarded as one of the finest ever produced by Australia.

In the English summer of 1888, along with John Ferris, Turner was prolific. However, he took ten for 53 in Australia’s only win in the three-Test series.

At Lord’s and took 9 for 15 versus An England Eleven at Stoke-on-Trent.

He showed ability as a batsman, scoring a maiden century at The Oval in the first game of the tour.

Turner, “The Terror” After three extremely prolific seasons, Turner could not maintain his productivity.

With El Niño holding sway, the wickets in Australia in 1888/89 were unresponsive and Turner took only 29 wickets in six games, and even fewer the following season.

However, still regarded as the best bowler for English conditions, Turner did not disappoint the selectors in 1890, taking 179 first-class wickets (215 in all games) but being unable to break England’s dominance of Test cricket at the time.

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