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Bapu Nadkarni holds the record of bowling most consecutive maiden overs in test cricket

Bapu Nadkarni, who played for India has the record for most consecutive maiden overs. When India played against England in 1964, he bowled 21 maiden overs one after the other. This is surely an amazing fact in Cricket which is worthy to be on the list.

Nadkarni entered the cricket scene appearing in the Rohinton Baria Trophy for Pune University in 1950-51. He made his first-class debut for Maharashtra the next year. Two years later he scored his first hundred, against Bombay at the Brabourne Stadium. Nadkarni scored his 103* in just over three hours, and added 103 runs for the last wicket with Sadashiv Patil.

Nadkarni was famous for bowling accurate line and lengths, making it difficult for the batsmen to score off him. His economy rate of 1.67 in Tests is one of the lowest ever. In the 1960/61 series against Pakistan, his bowling figures were exceptional: 32-24-23-0 in Kanpur and 34-24-24-1 in Delhi. However, if that was not enough, he went on to record the best economy rate in a Test innings soon after.

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