Largest margin of victory after following on in test cricket is 171 runs

In a match between India and Australia in Mar 2001, Australia scored 445 runs in their first inning. In reply Indian team was bowled out only on 171 runs. Forced to play the follow on, with the heroics of VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid, India scored massive 657 runs for 7 wickets and declared their inning on 5th day just before lunch time. Australia got the impossible target of 384 runs in a little over 2 sessions. But Indian bowling team did the miracle and bowled Australia out only on 212 runs and won this match by massive 171 runs. VVS Laxman was judged Man of the match for his unbelievable 281 runs in the second innings. Only the third time in Test match history that the side following on has won and this was the largest margin of victory after following on in test cricket.

Largest margin of victory after following on in test cricket is 171 runs

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