CTB Turner holds the record of Most Consecutive Five Wickets In an Innings. 6 straight times

CTB Turner holds the record of Most Consecutive Five Wickets In an Innings. 6 straight times
CTB Turner holds the record of Most Consecutive Five Wickets In an Innings. 6 straight times

Most Consecutive Five Wickets Hauls – CTB Turner

The earliest known incident of consecutive ‘five-wicket haul’ in Test innings was claimed by Charles Thomas Biass Turner also known as Charlie Turner of Australia. His record of Most Consecutive 5 Wickets is still an unbeaten record when he took 5 wickets in 6 Consecutive Innings.

In his career of 17 Test matches, he has claimed 5-wicket hauls on 11 occasions. He picked 6 consecutive 5-wicket hauls in the matches against England in February 1888, July 1888 and August 1888.

Most Consecutive Five Wickets

Charles Thomas Biass Turner, famously known as “The Terror,” is an esteemed Australian bowler who holds an impressive record in cricket history. He is widely regarded as one of the finest bowlers ever produced by Australia. During the remarkable English summer of 1888, Turner, alongside John Ferris, showcased his exceptional skills on the field. Notably, he achieved a remarkable feat by securing a ten for 53, leading Australia to their sole victory in the three-Test series. His extraordinary performance continued as he took an astounding 9 for 15 against an England Eleven at Stoke-on-Trent’s Lord’s cricket ground.

Most consecutive five wickets in test cricket

Player5wiBowlInnsTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
CTB Turner65/441Australiav EnglandSydney10 Feb 1888
 7/433Australiav EnglandSydney10 Feb 1888
 5/272Australiav EnglandLord’s16 Jul 1888
 5/364Australiav EnglandLord’s16 Jul 1888
 6/1122Australiav EnglandThe Oval13 Aug 1888
 5/861Australiav EnglandManchester30 Aug 1888
T Richardson56/1043Englandv AustraliaMelbourne1 Mar 1895
 6/391Englandv AustraliaLord’s22 Jun 1896
 5/1343Englandv AustraliaLord’s22 Jun 1896
 7/1681Englandv AustraliaManchester16 Jul 1896
 6/764Englandv AustraliaManchester16 Jul 1896
AV Bedser55/273Englandv IndiaManchester17-Jul-52
 5/412Englandv IndiaThe Oval14-Aug-52
 7/551Englandv AustraliaNottingham11-Jun-53
 7/443Englandv AustraliaNottingham11-Jun-53
 5/1051Englandv AustraliaLord’s25-Jun-53
S Shillingford56/493West Indiesv ZimbabweBridgetown12-Mar-13
 5/591West Indiesv ZimbabweRoseau20-Mar-13
 5/343West Indiesv ZimbabweRoseau20-Mar-13
 6/1672West Indiesv IndiaEden Gardens06-Nov-13
 5/1792West Indiesv IndiaWankhede14-Nov-13

Turner’s prowess extended beyond bowling, demonstrating his batting abilities by scoring a memorable maiden century at The Oval during the initial leg of the tour. However, despite three highly productive seasons, his performance started to wane due to unfavorable conditions caused by El Niño in Australia during 1888/89. As a result, Turner’s wicket count plummeted to a mere 29 in six games, and the following season brought even fewer successes.

Most Consecutive Five Wickets

Nonetheless, Turner’s reputation as the supreme bowler for English conditions remained unscathed. In 1890, he continued to impress selectors by securing an impressive tally of 179 first-class wickets (215 wickets across all games). Unfortunately, despite his remarkable achievements, Turner couldn’t break England’s dominant hold on Test cricket during that period.

It’s worth noting that Charles Turner holds a remarkable record in cricket history, boasting the distinction of achieving the most consecutive five-wicket hauls in an innings. He accomplished this exceptional feat a staggering six consecutive times, further solidifying his status as one of the greatest bowlers of his time.


Who is Charles Turner?

Charles Thomas Biass Turner was an Australian cricketer who played during the late 19th century. He was known for his exceptional bowling skills and is considered one of the finest bowlers ever produced by Australia.

What is Charles Turner’s record in cricket history?

Charles Turner holds the record for achieving the most consecutive five-wicket hauls in an innings in cricket history. He accomplished this feat six consecutive times, making it a remarkable achievement in the sport.

When did Charles Turner achieve this record?

Charles Turner achieved this record during his playing career in the late 19th century, in a time when cricket was still in its early stages.

Which format of cricket did Charles Turner play?

Charles Turner played first-class cricket, which is a form of the game played over several days and is considered the highest standard of domestic cricket

What is a five-wicket haul?

A five-wicket haul is a term used in cricket to describe a bowler taking five or more wickets in a single innings of play.

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