Most runs scored 29 in a single over Jasprit Bumrah holds the record of most runs scored (29) in a single over in Tests
Jasprit Bumrah holds the record of Most runs scored (29) in a single over in Tests

Most runs scored in a single over

In the world of cricket, Jasprit Bumrah is a name that is synonymous with fast bowling. He is known for his ability to bowl at high speeds and his unorthodox action that makes it difficult for batsmen to pick his deliveries. However, in a recent turn of events, Bumrah has made headlines for a different reason altogether. The fast bowler has created a new record for scoring the most runs in a single over in a test match.

Most runs scored in a single over

Yes, it is Jasprit Bumrah, THE BATSMAN

Yes, you read that right. Jasprit Bumrah, who is not known for his batting skills, has now etched his name in the record books for his performance with the bat. In the fifth test match between India and England, which was played in Bermingham, Bumrah smashed 29 runs in an over bowled by Stuart Broad. In this over a rocord 35 runs were scored by India which includes 5 wides and 1 no ball as well.

Most runs scored in a single over

To put this into perspective, Bumrah has scored more runs in a single over than some of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. This includes the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, and Brian Lara.

Most runs scored in an over in Test cricket

29Jasprit BumrahStuart BroadIndia v EnglandBirmingham
28Brian LaraRobin PetersonWest Indies v South AfricaJohannesburg
28George BaileyJames AndersonAustralia v EnglandPerth
28Keshav MaharajJoe RootSouth Africa v EnglandPort Elizabeth
27Shahid AfridiHarbhajan SinghPakistan v IndiaLahore
27Harry BrookZahid MahmoodEngland v PakistanRawalpindi
26Craig McMillanYounis KhanNew Zealand v PakistanHamilton
26Brian LaraDanish KaneriaWest Indies v PakistanMultan
26Mitchell JohnsonPaul HarrisAustralia v South AfricaJohannesburg
26Brendon McCullumSuranga LakmalNew Zealand v Sri LankaChristchurch

The fact that Bumrah has achieved this feat is nothing short of remarkable. He is not known for his batting prowess and is often seen as a tailender who can offer some resistance with the bat. However, his performance in the fourth test match against England has shown that he is capable of much more.

Most runs scored in a single over

Bumrah’s innings not only helped India to a respectable total but also allowed the bowlers to have a go at the English batsmen with a bit more confidence. His knock was a testament to the fact that in cricket, anything is possible if you have the right mindset and approach. The record of most runs scored in a single over is now with Jasprit Bumrah.

Brian Lara, at 2nd position most runs scored in a single over

At the second spot in most runs scored in a single over in Tests comes Brian Lara with 28 runs in an over. He did that in 2003-04 against RJ Peterson of South Africa. On the first ball, Lara played a cut through point for four. On the second and the third ball, the left-hander danced down the track and launched Peterson over long-on for two sixes. On the fourth and the fifth ball, he smashed two fours over the bowler’s head and finally finishing the over with another four, by cutting the ball away from the short-third man fielder.


How many runs did Jasprit Bumrah score in the over where he broke the record of most runs in a single over?

Jasprit Bumrah scored 29 runs in the over bowled by Stuart Broad during the fifth and final Test match between India and England in 2021.

What was the previous record for the most runs scored in a single over in a Test match?

The previous record was held by Brian Lara of the West Indies, who scored 28 runs in an over bowled by South African Robin Peterson in 2003.

Is Jasprit Bumrah known for his batting skills?

No, Jasprit Bumrah is primarily known for his fast bowling skills. He is considered one of the best fast bowlers in the world and has helped India win several matches with his wicket-taking abilities.

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