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Cricket in India is placed above many many things. Cricketers are worshiped and almost every citizen is well aware of cricketing facts and history. Slogover cricket website is a gift to this cricket community. In our slogover website, we talk about cricket facts, cricket history, cricket news, cricket highlights, cricket commentary, cricket stories, cricket videos and much more. Stay connected and enjoy cricket related fun facts and amazing records archives.

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What is slogover in cricket and why you should visit slogover cricket website?

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Slogover in cricketing terms is referred as bowling at the end of the match. Typically they are last or final 10-15 overs in ODI (International One Day Cricket series of 50 overs) and last 4 overs in a T20 ( 20 overs Cricket series). So, that’s why last overs are called Slog overs in cricket.

The whole purpose of building this slog over website is to present interesting facts about cricket, it’s records, it’s history, some special memories, latest cricket news, cricket schedule and Tour information and many such related things in an informative and shareable way. We commissioned a very innovative Slogover DidYouKnowCard on this website. A Slogover QuickBites section is also a similar section with video format. It’s a dedicated place for micro content on cricket in an informative and sharable way.

Cricket is treated as a religion in India. People love to know anything and everything about cricket in India. The popularity of Indian Premier League is just a small example of of how cricket works in the subcontinent. We will keep coming up with many-many new and interesting facts about cricket in our Slogover DidYouKnowCard segment. You will keep getting all latest cricket news & updates from India and around the world at Slogover. Keep Enjoying the cricket beyond the fields. The slogover cricket website is committed to present interesting cricketing facts to their visitors in new and innovative ways.


What is a slog over in cricket?

Slogover in cricketing terms is referred as bowling at the end of the match. Typically they are last or final 10-15 overs in ODI (International One Day Cricket) and 17-20 overs in T20 cricket. Slogging over in cricket refers to the act of hitting the ball hard, often in an attempt to score runs quickly. It typically involves taking risks and going for big shots, rather than playing defensively.

What is slog overs in t20?

In T20 cricket slog over generally referred to over from 17 to 20 in this four overs batting team tries to score maximum number of boundaries.

Is slogging over a good strategy in cricket?

Whether or not slogging over is a good strategy in cricket depends on the context of the game and the skills of the batsman. In some situations, such as when the team is behind and needs to score runs quickly, slogging over can be an effective way to try to catch up. However, it can also be risky, as it exposes the batsman to the risk of being dismissed. visit slogover cricket website regularly to know more.

What are some tips for successful slogging over in cricket?

Here are a few tips for successful slogging over in cricket:
# Know your own strengths and weaknesses as a batsman
# Read the situation and the conditions of the game carefully before deciding to slog over
# Choose the right delivery to slog over (e.g., a full delivery or a wide delivery)
# Practice good footwork to get into position to hit the ball
# Use proper technique to hit the ball cleanly and with power

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