Mohammad Sami 17 balls over is the longest in ODI Cricket
Mohammad Sami 17 balls over is the longest in ODI Cricket

Mohammad Sami bowled Longest over of 17 balls in ODI cricket.

Playing against Bangladesh at the Asia Cup, Sami opened the bowling with Shabbir Ahmed, and after bowling a brilliant maiden over, he went on to have himself a wild 17-ball over which included seven wides and four no-balls for 22 runs in all (full scorecard).

Longest over in ODI

Yes you read it right. In the ODI Cricket history there is a 17 Ball over bowled by Pakistan’s Mohammed Sami. This is a match between Bangladesh and Pakistan on 12th of March at Colombo in Asia Cup in July 2004.

Pakistan vs Bangladesh Asia cup Mohammed Sami 17 ball over

Pakistan opening bowlers Shabbir Ahmed and Mohammed Sami started the spell as usual. Mohammed Sami bowled Bangladesh opener Ashraful in his first over. At the end of 2 overs Bangladesh score was 6 runs for 1 wicket.

Mohammed Shami started the third over with a wide. The second ball which was the first legit ball, Habibul Bashar smashed a fore. Habibul Bashar again scored 2 runs on the second delivery of Sami’s over.

From here the panic started. Sami first bowled a no ball and then a wide. On the third legit ball, Habibul scored a single. Sami again bowled a no ball and then two consecutive wides.

Next ball was a dot ball and after that Sami bowled a wide, than a no ball, then two consecutive wides and again a no ball.

Most balls bowled in an over

Semi finished this over with 4 on the last ball. Sami conceded total 22 runs in this longest 17 Ball over in ODI cricket history (check ball by ball over details, [go to 3rd over])


Q: What is the longest over in cricket history?

A: A over of 17 balls bowled by Pakistan’s Mohammad Sami.

Q: Who bowled the longest over?

A: Mohammad Sami. With 7 wides and 4 no balls, sami bowled an over of 17 balls. He has given 22 runs in that over.

Q: Why is an over of 6 balls?

A: Though there is no official record that why the rules are changed from 8 balls over to 6 ball over but it is mostly accepted that because of commercialization of cricket all the boards mutually decided for 6 balls over after 1978-79.

Q: Who bowled the longest over in terms of balls in international cricket?

A: Pakistan’s Mohammad Sami – 17 balls over.

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