Only test match where teams declared 2nd and 3rd inning for zero runs. Effectively made the Only test match with two innings instead of four

Only test with 2 innings in the history of Test Cricket

In a match between England and South Africa back in Jan’2000, both England and South Africa declared their 1st and 2nd inning respectively. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of this unique test match was washed out due to heavy rain. Both South Africa and England captain decided to omit one of their innings on the fifth day to find out if any result can be produced from this match. And interestingly,  this match did produce the result in favor of England when they won the match by 2 wickets. This is only test match with two innings instead of four innings in Test History.

England have won the toss and elected to field first. South Africa reached to 248 for 8 at the end of first day’s play. 2nd, 3rd and 4th day was washed out due to heavy rain. On the 5th day, first South Africa declared their first inning at the same score of 248/8 and then England have forfeited their 1st innings. The match referee indicated to the scorers to use 0/0d as the laws at the time do not allow forfeitures in the 1st innings. South Africa also have forfeited their 2nd innings and England has given the target of 249 in some 75 odd overs.

only test with 2 innings

England chased well and made 251 for 8 wickets and won the match by 2 Wickets.

Only test match with two innings

South African captain Hansie Cronje was known for his innovative, bold and new decisions in cricket field. This was one of the match where South African Captain Hansie Cronje and England captain Nasir Hussain has taken this bold decision of declaring there one innings in a test match to play the match for the result. Effectively made this as only test with 2 innings instead of 4.

only test with 2 innings

England was touring South Africa and South Africa was 2-0 up in a five test series. This was the 5th and final test match at Centurion in January 2000. The match was deeply affected with the rain where second third and fourth day match was completely washed out because of the rain.

At the and England won this interesting and only test with 2 innings by two wickets and South Africa won the series by 2-1.

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What is a forfeit inning?

A forfeited innings means a completed inning when a captain declare the inning

Who won the only match with 2 Innings?


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