Did You Know, Rahul Dravid hit Hat-Trick of Sixes in a T20 match

Rahul Dravid and Hat-Trick of Sixes

This is quite a bold looking fact that Rahul Dravid hit Hat-Trick of Sixes in a match. Arguably one of the most respected and iconic cricketers to have ever played the gentleman’s game, Rahul Dravid will always be remembered for his calm and composed demeanor and tireless batting. Boasting of classic textbook shots, Dravid remained a vital cog in the Team India set-up until his retirement in 2012.

Showcasing great temperament and application at the crease, Dravid primarily relied on his ability to wear the opposition bowlers down as he held fort for his team at one end. His ability to tirelessly bat for countless hours often aided India in dire situations. Such was his batting abilities in Tests that Dravid, as a batsmen, never really got his due in limited-overs cricket. And, that’s probably why many still won’t believe he hit three consecutive sixes in the shortest format.

Rahul Dravid, known for his technical proficiency and solid defense, was not known for being a big six-hitter during his playing career. However, there was one particular match where he surprised everyone by hitting six sixes in an innings.

In his lone T20I appearance for India in 2011, Dravid, in the twilight of his career, shut the naysayers who often criticized him for his low scoring rate by clubbing poor Samit Patel for three consecutive sixes in the 11th over of Team India’s innings against England at Manchester. While England went on to win the contest by six wickets, Dravid won accolades for his hat-trick of sixes – something many thought wasn’t possible.

Hat-Trick of Sixes


What match did Rahul Dravid hit a hat-trick of sixes in?

Dravid hit a hat-trick of sixes in a T20 International match between India and England in 2011.

Who bowled the over in which Dravid hit the hat-trick of sixes?

The bowler whose over Dravid hit the sixes in was Samit Patel.

How did Dravid’s hat-trick of sixes impact his reputation as a player?

Dravid’s hat-trick of sixes helped to showcase his versatility as a player and his ability to adapt his game according to the situation. It also helped to establish him as a destructive batsman who could be equally dangerous with big hitting as well as his technical soundness.

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