Highest fourth innings total is 654 for 5 wickets

Highest fourth innings total is 654 for 5 wickets

Highest fourth innings total, 654 runs for 5 wickets

In a match between England and South Africa in March 1939, England scored a massive 654/5 in their 4th inning and this is the highest inning total in 4th inning till date. South Africa scored handsome 530 runs in their first inning and in reply, England managed to score 316 in their first inning.

South Africa in their second inning again batted wonderfully and scored 481. England facing the target of 696 to win the match, played brilliantly in their second innings and reached to the score of 654 for 5 wickets. They not only saved the match but also scored the highest inning total in 4th inning which is still a record.

Highest fourth innings total is 654 for 5 wickets

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A timeless test played for 10 days and more than 46 hours of cricket, finally resulted as draw

Highest fourth innings total

After 10 days and some 46 hours of play, the Timeless Test ended in a draw. Unfortunately, the match was highly intriguing when rain interrupted play just as the players were taking tea, with England leading by 42 runs and having 5 wickets remaining.

In the first hour of play, South Africa’s top-notch fielding limited England to only 39 runs. Norman Gordon, who had struggled with his bowling, was particularly successful in restricting runs by targeting the leg-stump. However, in the latter half of the session, Wally Hammond and Eddie Paynter were able to accelerate their scoring. They were able to take advantage of every run that was available without taking unnecessary risks, with Hammond effectively controlling the strike. As a result, the South African team’s morale decreased and their spirits seemed to fall.

Highest fourth innings total

As Paynter was caught by the wicketkeeper off Gordon’s bowling, England’s remaining runs fell under 100. However, by this point, the weather was deteriorating. Hammond continued to be aggressive in his approach, despite two short interruptions for rain. Eventually, in pursuit of quick runs, Hammond was stumped after trying to hit Eric Dalton’s delivery over his head. Despite his innings lasting nearly six hours, it included only seven fours. Hammond seemed to believe that if he remained at the crease, England would ultimately win and runs would come as a result. He was highly skilled at placing the ball for singles.

As the weather worsened, Les Ames continued to play with a carefree attitude. Bryan Valentine was fortunate to not have been stumped off his first ball when he was beaten by Dalton’s delivery. As the teams headed to tea, it began to pour heavily. Although the rain let up after the break, it started again as the players returned to the field, making it unlikely that play would resume.

Highest fourth innings total

There were suggestions that the team could proceed with their journey and leave the remaining batsmen and those yet to bat behind to continue playing. Some even proposed chartering a plane to replace their scheduled train. However, England’s train departure from Durban at 8:05pm was necessary for them to catch the Athlone Castle, hence the match had to be called off as a draw.


What is the highest fourth innings total?

Highest fourth innings total is 654 for 5 wickets registered by England against South Africa in Mar’1939.

When and where was record of highest fourth innings total set?

Highest fourth innings total record set by England against South Africa in Mar’1939 at Durban when they scored 654 for 5 wickets in 4th innings.

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